Equal Opportunities For All When There’s No Bars On Books

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The No Bars On Books program is an initiative of Tasmanian speech pathologists who are dedicated to supporting more equitable access to family inter-connectivity, language and literacy – the foundations of mental health, education and opportunity.

No Bars On Books has recently been active in gathering community donations of new and as-new books to gift to the Tasmanian Prison Service, in order to be used in its successful and sincere Books-on-CD program. This program gives incarcerated parents the opportunity to read and voice-record a story for their children. The book and CD are then posted to the child – theirs to keep and playback, providing the missing connection between incarcerated parents and their children.

Since 2008, the Risdon Prison program has allowed inmates to record themselves reading picture books aloud and share the recording as well as the books with their children and families. Soon to follow, The No Bars On Books program was launched by Speech Pathology Australia. Represented by Tasmanian speech pathologist Rosalie Martin, the program has been busy collecting good quality books to donate to Risdon Prison for Speech Pathology Week, from August 23-29th.

Current research shows that family connections can be maintained during a time of such painful separation, providing a positive path where individuals are six-times less likely to re-offend.  Therefore compassion is always important, and every bit of kindness can make a major difference in the lives of children and families who have have been disadvantaged and/or stigmatised by the pain of prison. No Bars On Books promotes the notion that keeping families connected during a difficult time of separation is essential to the maintenance of close and healthy relationships – and we agree! Because we all do better, when we all do better!

Wombat Stories are proud to be a supporter of this wonderful initiative, and have donated several sets of books in order to ensure this program continues.

Donate to No Bars On Books by clicking here.

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