#FridayFunFact: The Western-Pygmy Possum

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Photo: Amanda McLean

Did you know that there are 23 possum species known in Australia? Meet the western-Pygmy possum!

These cute little guys are suuuuuper tiny with their bodies only growing up to 7.8cm long with an 8cm long tail, but they’re actually one of the largest pygmy possums in the world!

Photo: Patrick Smith – CSIRO

The Pygmy possums are nocturna and omnivorous, living on a diet of insects, snails, worms, fruit, seeds, nectar and pollen. They are amazing climbers as their tails can grasp and hold onto objects such as tree branches. Unlike other species of possums, the Pygmy possum is not able to glide but instead are able to leap long distances to travel from tree branches.

Members of the Pygmy possum family, called Burramyidae, can be found in Australia, Indonesia and Papua New Guinea.

Sources – Wikipedia and Australian Geographic
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