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My Wombat’s Back


Once there was a wombat in my bed. He filled my house with fun and frantic antics with his friends from the bush.
Then he went away on a holiday through the bush – a wombat walkabout.
Now he has returned and the house is in happy turmoil because My Wombat’s Back!


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A little while ago I had a wombat in my bed. He filled my house with his friends from the bush so that every room had a different animal in it doing crazy things. One day my wombat friend left and took all his friends with him. It was lonely without him and I didn’t know what to do, as my house was so empty with all my new friends gone. I was very sad for a while until something special happened. This story begins on that special day when I opened the front door to my house and yelled out… “My Wombat’s Back!”

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