Wild Woolly Wombat Sports – ebook

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At some point in time there was a wombat in my bed.
The antics of his animal friends in my house were crazy. He went away on a walkabout and then came back. In this book wombat tackles sports and it’s a whole new ball game, or water game or whatever …
Wild Woolly Wombat Sports – a new adventure!

$4.99 $2.49

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A little while ago I had a wombat in my bed. He filled my house with his friends from the bush so that every room had a different animal in it doing crazy things.
One day he went away. It was lonely without him and I was sad. Later he came back and we had great fun at home, at school and out shopping.
That was great, but then we started playing sport. Wombat didn’t know the rules, so everything was Wild Woolly Wombat Sports.


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