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There’s a Wombat in my Bed

What happens when a group of Aussie Animals come to my home for a visit?

They get into every room and the back yard, doing things I didn’t know animals could do!

There are lots of funny antics, pictures, good times and rhymes when I discover that There’s a Wombat in my Bed.

There are several books in this series of nonsense rhymes about Australian animals, locations and activities for children of all ages.

Wombat Stories provides additional resources such as puzzles, pictures and information about the animals in Australia on their website for free. This provides a more complete experience for the readers and an alternative to “boring” books.

ThinkSoft Studios creates animated apps for children and adults. Stories and Education are delivered in a fun, interesting and interactive way.

ArtPigSoft designs and produces interactive mobile app contents created by one stop solution ‘ArtPig Studio’ to bring your imagination to mobile app books in real.

– Performed narration with Australian voices
– Read along with text or listen
– Read to yourself without narration
– Background music on/off
– Enhanced Sound effects
– Manual page turning to allow playtime during the story
– Beautiful illustrations in full animation
– Multiple Interactive animations per page
– Hidden words to win stickers
– Sticker award book
– Interactive Find-A-Word puzzles
– Subtle animations to prompt interaction

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