Wombat Stories in the Classroom: Teaching Review by Teresa Pearce.

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As a teacher I can see so many wonderful ways that Wombat Stories can be explored and used in the classroom, as the books can provide so many learning experiences for little people.

Wombat Stories can help children to better understand the amazing world around them and provide quality literature to assist with literacy learning, and beautifully allows children to experience;

# Imaginative stories that will make them laugh and giggle

# Beautiful illustrations that successfully match text and assist with early reading strategies such as the use of picture cues

# Repetitive, rhythmic, predictive text that assists with reading fluency

# Rhyme ‘Jumps and bumps and somersault lumps’

# Text that lends itself early writing activities

# Rich use of language – verbs, adjectives, proper nouns

# Alliteration that extends their imagination and encourages their oral descriptive skills….’goanna in my garage’….’Slinky skinks go scuttling past’

# Story sequence and ordering events (My Wombat’s Back)

# Prepositions to assist with grammar and sentence construction (There’s a Wombat in my Bed)

# Examples of outdoor and active lifestyle activities (Wild Woolly Wombat’s Sports)

# The varied and wonderful variety of Australian flora and fauna

# The ‘Great Outdoors’ of Australia – natural landscapes such as the bush, outback, desert, valleys, beaches, waterfalls, Snowy Mountains, Great Barrier Reef, Three Sisters, Twelve Apostles etc

# Built features / landmarks in Australia – Opera House, Western Zoo

# Mapping skills – house map and exploring compass directions of North, East, South and West

# Aussie slang/colloquialism ‘G-Day’ ‘C’mon!’

# Activities / Website linked to Wombat Stories

# Ability to link to Application to further assist with literacy learning

Thank you for the pleasurable experience of entering the world of Wombat Stories!

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